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New products

Witness inspiring new products in various fields of home living, work life and services: the versatile and adaptable AvanTech YOU drawer platform combined with the creative Cadro frame system, the Actro 5D pull-out system, height adjustable Steelforce desk support frames and room sliding solutions from Kuhn being just a few examples.

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From Megatrend to furniture

Hettich's comprehensive product range is packed with inspiration for appealing design and convenient functions for the modern home and work environment.

Inspirational home environments with unique fittings solutions:

3D Xperience World


Megatrend individualisation

Individuality is the freedom to choose. Your customers are placing new demands and expectations on the design, use and function of rooms and furniture. Platform solutions from Hettich put you in the perfect stead.


Megatrend Urbanisation

Everywhere in towns and cities, living space is becoming scarcer and more expensive, floor space is getting smaller. What's the key to living comfortably even on a mini floor plan? The answer lies in well designed, carefully considered "tiny homes" with multifunctional furniture and optimum use of storage space.


Megatrend New Work

The classic open plan office was yesterday. More and more people regularly work from home in a "home office". And they all need affordable furniture solutions for their personal home living situation. Anyone able to offer them precisely has a clear edge.

Why do megatrends concern us all?
Because they are changing our world with lasting effect and with this, also the lives of each and every one of us.

  • Urbanisation
  • New work
    New work
  • Individualisation
  • Digitisation
  • Megatrend Urbanisation

    And how can we still live comfortably in a small space?

    Living space in the urban environment is scarce and expensive, and floor plans are getting smaller. The Megatrend Urbanisation is opening up more demand for "Tiny Homes". Does that mean restricting yourself? No! Standard products from Hettich let you create intelligent, superbly designed storage solutions. This way, you can combine all necessary function zones and also provide maximum storage space from floor to ceiling. Space may come at a premium - with our solutions we know how to make logical use of it.

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  • Megatrend New Work

    How can we combine home and work life even better in the future?

    "Bringing together the best of both worlds." – that's Hettich' approach to the new work und homeworking megatrend. As a trend scout and source of ideas, we offer the industry precisely the practical fittings that are now needed in the home based office. These let you create new spatial experiences and design appealing furniture for living and working. This is something your customers won't fail to notice because they can enjoy noticeably more quality, better design and far more comfort and convenience.

    Find out more in the DesignGallery
    New workNew workNew work
  • Megatrend individualisation

    How can we give the customer furniture that's one of a kind?

    Increasingly, the "individualisation" megatrend will demand customised solutions from us: a new generation of furniture that can be designed in many different ways now comes with clear added value for all those who want to put their very own stamp on their furniture. Both creatively and cost effectively, Hettich can show you how you can give your customers the specific type of furniture they really want.

    Find out more in the DesignGallery
  • Megatrend Digitisation

    How can we boost our work efficiency even further?

    Drilling? Processing? Assembling? This can be done with greater speed and precision with assembly systems from Hettich. - Planning more efficient? All the eTools you need to do this are just a click away: use our free apps, planning aids, CAD data and instructions. For us, this is part and parcel of good service. Talking of service: your personal Hettich contact is always available whenever needed. We are always pleased to assist you with your requests, find solutions together and keep you informed on current aspects that may be of interest to you.

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From megatrend to the practical world - Hettich products

AvanTech YOU: drawers just as you please

The platform principle means all components can be combined in any chosen way. This gives you more individuality and design flexibility in terms of colour, shape and material.

  • The slender drawer side profile comes in a thickness of only 13 mm and is entirely without any visible holes, apertures or cover caps.
  • The drawers can be configured in three colours and five heights with steel, aluminium or wooden rear panels.
  • DesignProfiles, DesignCapes and drawer side profiler inlays let you make all manner of statements that reflect personal style.

Respond quickly and confidently to new design trends with AvanTech YOU and tap into new customer segments.

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AvanTech YOU Illumination:
Show your furniture in its best light

The new feature in our versatile AvanTech YOU platform for individualised customer design. Give your drawer its own LED signature lighting.

  • Easy to achieve with clip on LED DesignProfiles or illuminated glass inlays.
  • A practical rechargeable battery pack provides the energy for the LEDs.
  • Our easy to install system requires no complicated electrical connection work, making it easy to fit at any later stage.

The "wow" effect is guaranteed on opening the illuminated drawers.

Video AvanTech YOU illumination

Cadro: the aluminium frame system for endless furniture ideas

Use Cadro to create delicate, practical furniture concepts with a very individual stamp: as standalone options or in conjunction with existing furniture. Our high quality system is made up of aluminium profiles, connecting nodes and accessories.

  • Cadro is quickly assembled and distinguished by its precision finish.
  • This is all based on aluminium profiles in matt black or stainless steel look, each designed for 16 mm shelves, 6 mm glass shelves as well as 4 mm glass shelves for display cabinets.
  • Cadro can be combined with Hettich fittings and systems: use the combination of drawers, such as AvanTech YOU, with SlideLine M or SlideLine 66 for inset and overlay sliding doors or with Sensys for hinged doors.
  • Matching handles and knobs are also available.

Cadro – the cleverest of ideas are often the simplest.

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Actro 5D: precision that gets things moving

Long life, incredible stability and outstanding running performance are characteristic of the new Actro 5D generation from Hettich.

  • Our sturdy runner system for wooden drawers provides a load capacity of up to 70 kg. This produces perfect reveal alignment even with large size wooden drawers.
  • Optimised synchronous control gives Actro 5D its agreeably low opening forces and smooth, quiet running action.
  • Actro 5D t gives you fast, straightforward installation and front panel adjustment: 5-way adjustment involves no tools and is completely intuitive.
  • Thanks to flexible synchronisation adapters, Actro 5D also makes Push to open Silent work on asymmetrically shaped wooden drawers or on extremely wide front panels. Actro 5D's cabinet body drilling pattern is also compatible with our customisable AvanTech YOU drawer platform.

This is just a small step on the way towards even more creative design options.

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Steelforce: healthy and productive at the workplace

Whether working from home or in the office: the height adjustable Steelforce desk support frames add dynamic to every office routine. Not much space for working from home?

  • The Steelforce desk support frame solution with short foot stabilisers provides better ergonomics and comfort for small desks too.
  • Configured for ease of assembly, our Steelforce systems are quality finished and designed for reliable and safe permanent use.

The comprehensive range of Steelforce desk/table support frames will give you the exactly right solution for your project.

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Kuhn: ultimate precision – end to end answers to ceiling high sliding doors.

Now featuring the Kuhn system family, this is the first time that Hettich has supplemented its range of sliding doors with sliding elements not fastened to a frame. The system for high end interior design is completely modular in design. This gives fabricators the ultimate in design flexibility for all fitting situations.

  • Use the Kuhn sliding elements for fitting to walls and ceilings or for ceiling integration: as a furniture application, through door, room divider, partition or complete room in room solution.
  • High performance roller technology and intelligently designed profile cross sections permit unique door dimensions.
  • Whatever the time of day and wherever you happen to be, Kuhn's web based configuration software lets you plan your sliding door in any way you choose.

This way, you can design sliding door and partition systems in a whole new quality.

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The last word in sliding perfection: TopLine XL sliding door system

Floor to ceiling, large format sliding door units make statements and provide visual clarity in a room. The new TopLine XL sliding door fitting from Hettich is the key to creating cabinets with a focus on exquisite design. The system sets new standards in terms of practical convenience and secure, straightforward installation.

  • Design: Bring purist design to large surfaces
  • Convenience: Experience unequalled user convenience
  • Installation: Install doors easily and securely

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From our products to the service we provide - Hettich eServices

  • Online tools
    Online tools
  • "Paul explains how"
    "Paul explains how"
  • Assembly machinery
    Assembly machinery
  • Hettich eServices

    Convenient online tools

    The convenient and easy to use online tools from Hettich make your work as a carpenter, fabricator or retailer even faster and more efficient. This is part of our free service for you. The generally available data link to various CAD/CAM systems is, of course, a key aspect here too. Find out how easy it is to optimise your processes at the dedicated "eServices" consultation point

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    Online tools
  • "Paul explains how"

    There's always something worth seeing in the stand's "Paul explains how" zone: follow our live assembly demonstrations and get useful, first hand information on our practical Hettich assembly machines.

    Paul explains how to do it on YouTube
    "Paul explains how"
  • E-services

    Saving time while achieving precise work results

    Hettich gives you active support in meeting the technical challenges encountered in the furniture workshop: Hettich's intelligent work assistants bring greater speed, accuracy, safety and reliability to all steps in the production process. Hettich offers you practical work aids as well as automatic drilling and insertion machines for every stage in making furniture. Take advantage of valuable assistance in the processing and assembly of drawers, runners, hinges, mounting plates, connecting fittings, drawer fronts or handles. Look forward to perfect results and significantly boost your work efficiency.

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    Assembly machinery

AvanTech YOU starter sets: constructing drawers made easy!

Our AvanTech YOU double walled drawer system starter set gets you ready to go. All in three easy steps:

  • Step 1: Position rear panel and predrill.
  • Step 2: Fix drawer side profile and bottom panel.
  • Step 3: Insert and screw profiles to the rear panel.

That completes the AvanTech YOU. We can get it done in 2 minutes - what about you?

Paul explains how to do it on YouTube

AvanFit 300 advanced: digital assistance for even greater assembly efficiency

Hettich makes it even easier for you to assemble AvanTech YOU drawers and pot-and-pan drawers: our AvanFit 300 advanced semi automated assembly machine "knows" which width to set next before constructing each and every drawer. This obviates the need for any manual adjustment. But how? The new generation AvanFit 300 advanced can be operated externally via any online network. Using a planning software tool, the appropriate values within a cabinet body, such as drawer width and depth or back panel and drawer side profile height, can be set automatically for each drawer on the basis of the CAD data. If the machine's not to be accessed externally, settings can also be made via an optical system, such as a scanner, or it can be programmed directly on the control panel. The machine is connected to the tapio digital ecosystem which means that the current machine status and settings can be viewed from an external source at any time. As such, AvanFit 300 advanced significantly boosts efficiency in the production process makes it far more cost effective to provide customised drawer designs.

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And even more Hettich expertise!


Hettich: your partner.

Did you know? Hettich has had its own sales team for the trades and fittings retailers since the 1980s. Our 20 employees in Germany are in most cases master cabinet makers or wood technicians, which means they speak your language! Your personal Hettich contact is always at your service. We are always pleased to assist you with your requests, find solutions together and keep you informed on current aspects that may be of interest to you.

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Hettich: your inspirer

As a global player, we are internationally connected and operate in many markets. We will be pleased to make the knowledge we have of the industry available to you. Let us inspire you.
Discover new design trends or fascinating Product applications or spatial solutions with detailed planning information at Hettich for downloading free of charge.

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Hettich: your networker

For many years, we have been working hand in hand with industry associations and networks, such as the regional guilds, e.g. Tischler NRW, the trade association for carpenters, jointers and cabinet makes in North Rhine Westphalia. Since 2021, Hettich has also been networked with the "Creative Partner" association group for specialist woodworking businesses.Creative Partner“ interconnected. Through these partnerships we want to foster the active transfer of knowledge between us, the trades and retailer. On an equal footing, we can best learn and benefit from each other to make the industry future proof. We at Hettich would like to listen even more closely to the businesses in the cabinet making and carpentry trade. We want to get to know your needs even better so we can tailor our products and services precisely to your needs. And we can also share our expertise as a source of ideas and networker with the trades and retailers. Simply talk to us.

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